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driftwood shelf

£ 50.00
no longer available

Driftwood feature shelf created from 3 unique pieces of driftwood by driftwood artist Brian Werder.

The main shelf is comprised of one long driftwood plank, possibly an old fence post, complete with three holes on the left with worn dowellng jutting out. To the right the plank tapers to a ragged point and is dotted and pitted with gribble marks. There are some very small remains of paint on the top and a few more underneath. The plank is very well sea worn, solid and has some fantastic close-up contour detail at the front.

The left support is an old block of wood along with two rusty nails (both very delicate) jutting out. Another well worn piece of driftwood, the right strut again looks man made, origin unknown but with an interesting bronze hue on its left side. The supports are attached to the shelf using hidden fixings and mounted on the wall with two screw slots, one behind each support.

The shelf would make an excellent feature in a bathroom or living room.

A truly original driftwood shelf.

  • Overall length: 86cm
  • Usable length: 58cm
  • Usable depth: 7.5 - 8cm
  • Height: 9.4cm
  • Holes 46.4cm apart, centre spaced.

** Note: Mirror and boat shown are not included.
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