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About Coastal Home

our memories

Everyone loves the coast … and thinking back, some of my best childhood memories were at the seaside. Warm summer sun and clear blue skies, crashing waves, sandy sandwiches, cold feet, windy coastal walks, jellyfish, shells, rock pools and crabs, deckchairs, melted ice-cream, sand dunes, running carefree – freedom!

Just a little older now (and not much wiser!) and we still love the coast and the sea. Now with our own young family we spend our UK holidays exploring our fantastic coastline, Whitby and the East coast, Cornwall, Devon, North Wales and the Lleyn Peninsula, Brighton, the West coast of Scotland, Filey - all different, all beautiful.

Memories are made of this ... and here with our modest collection of coastal inspired gifts and interiors we are hoping, in just some small way, to help bring your memories of the coast back with you ... to your home, by the sea.

Best regards